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I'm a retired commercial photographer & graphic designer. Over the last couple of years, I have taken a keen interest in working with epoxy. After watching numerous how-to videos, I have made quite a few projects from small art pieces to larger scale projects such as faux marble night stands, a dresser top; coffee table top; and even refinished our old laminate kitchen countertops with a unique epoxy recipe. Some photos below -

Here are a few more "art" pieces based on epoxy use:

Dried flowers sealed in clear epoxy (silicone mold)

Cheese Board

Hexagon Tile

Gold Veins

Foyer Table

Copper Canyons

Koi Pond

Multiple epoxy pours - lava rocks - paint for sand

Acrylic paint base and epoxy top coat

I have also watched artists use 91% alcohol with various color additives. Here are a few that I have created:

Alcohol base & epoxy topcoat with alcohol drips

Tinted alcohol ( metallic mica powders) on canvas

Continents Recently I have watched artists perform acrylic art pours with very interesting results. Here are some examples I made:

Acrylic on black canvas

This swipe technique produced some interesting cells using mostly metallic paints.

Metallic paint flower vase

James Strobel

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