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Thinking Foward - Sustainability and Art

Updated: Feb 14

After our Community Art Project in 2023 - LATE BLOOMS ~ Des Plaines - it is difficult to move forward as a creative, without thinking about our world and being very conscious of the overuse and abundance of materials that we can & should use, to create art. Recycling and repurposing to the max.

Looking around my house as I seriously try to purge, I've come across so many things I can use to create. It gives my mind too much to ponder and I am trying to process it all - keep what can be used and not look like a person who hoards everything. . . it is hard not to save things as an artist because you know there is a always a use for that one special project.

So we keep on, trying to inspire each person who is open to ideas. Maybe something we put out there will inspire you to open that creative part of your brain and get busy. Remember it is the journey....and the destination is a plus!

Hope to see you at one of our events around town. The Frisbee Center, Prarie Lakes, the Izaak Waltong League and the History Center. We get around!

As spring arrives, we are working on events at the Izaac Walton League and be sure to visit our website for weekly updates.

Become a member of the Des Plaines Art Guild, help make a difference and save on our workshops!

Best, Rhonda

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