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Volunteer Opportunities

Research has found that volunteering makes people happier and less anxious and improves their sense of well-being and accomplishment, among other benefits. Volunteering at the Des Plaines Art Guild is an easy and gratifying way to “give back”.  As a member of DPAG, your volunteer hours are paramount to the ongoing operations and services we provide.  As little as three hours every 2-4 months on the exhibit team goes a long way. Many volunteer tasks can be accomplished in the comfort of your home, on your schedule. Check out how easy it is to participate in the following volunteer areas.

Volunteering for any specific area does not commit a member to do all of the tasks within that area. All activities or volunteer areas are generally accomplished by a team of members supporting each other so that no volunteer stands without support from other volunteers and/or Board Members/Chair people. If you have questions regarding any of the volunteer areas contact the Guild via the form below. Give us the opportunity to discuss how you can fit on one of our volunteer teams. 

Newsletter / Publicity

Participate in collecting information and writing articles for the newsletter. Forwarding your information/articles to the newsletter chair/publisher. Although there are certain deadlines that must be met, work can be completed on your time schedule from your home. The newsletter is published every other month so the time invested can be only a few hours every two months. Experience using Microsoft Word and email is needed.

Assist with writing articles and forwarding information to various media for publishing to promote Guild exhibits and workshops. Coordination and accomplishment of these tasks can be done via email/phone from your home.

Social Media Intern

Assist in a range of marketing initiatives under the guidance of leadership including but not limited to creating social media posts, scheduling, and/or writing captions for social media posts for Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, Youtube, and others.


Participate in the coordination of workshops as a team member of the Workshop Committee.  Actual tasks for coordinating a workshop are completed in the comfort of your home. It is helpful to have basic knowledge using email and Microsoft Word on the computer.


Des Plaines Art Show

Participate as a team member in organizing and conducting our annual exhibit and reception held at the Des Plaines History Center. The exhibit is normally hung October - December. There are typically two planning meetings with the remainder of the coordination generally taking place via email/phone.

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